Bumble Cat Toy

Bumble Cat Toy It is a knit Bee on a cord my friends, enjoy.

4 colours of yarn, mine was acrylic and came from the dollar store, spare no expense 😉 :
MC = black
CC1 = yellow
CC2 = white
CC3 = blue
Fiberfill, scrap yarn or fabric to stuff the toy
Catnip – optional but adds to the fun
1 set of double pointed needles, whatever size you need to knit your yarn up tightly. I used US # 4.
Tapestry needle for weaving in ends.

CO = Cast on
BO = Bind off
K = knit
KFB = knit into front and back of stitch
K2T = knit two together
M1 = make 1 stitch
sts = stitches

Body – knit in the round (make 1)
With MC, CO 8. Join being careful not to twist (8sts)
Note: Beginning with Rounds 1 and 2 in MC, alternate knitting 2 rows with MC and 2 rows with CC for Bee stripes.
Round 1: K all sts.
Round 2: [KFB] in each stitch. 16sts.
Round 3: K all sts.
Round 4: *K2, M1* repeat across row. 24 sts.
Round 5: K all sts.
Round 6: *K3, M1* repeat across row. 32 sts.
Rounds 7-15: K all sts.
Round 16: *K2, K2T* repeat across row
Round 17: K all sts.
Round 18: *K1, K2T* repeat across row
Round 19: K all sts.
Pause here, weave in cast on tail and stuff Bee body with fiberfill and cat nip, then continue.
Round 20: *K2T* repeat across row. 8 sts.
Round 21: K all sts.
Note: Tie off CC1 now and leave tail inside of Bee body, continue using MC only for Bee head.
Round 22: *K1, M1* repeat across row. 16 sts.
Round 23: K all sts.
Round 24: *K2, M1* repeat across row. 24 sts.
Round 25: K all sts.
Round 26: *K1, K2T* repeat across row. 16 sts.
Round 27: K all sts.
Pause here and finish stuffing Bee body and head with fiberfill and catnip, then continue.
Round 28: *K2T* repeat across row. 8 sts.
Cut yarn leaving approx. 6 inch tail. Thread tail through remaining stitches, gather and tie tightly. Weave in end.

Wings – knit flat (make 2)
With CC2, CO 8.
Row 1: K7. Turn.
Row 2 and all even numbered rows: K to end. Turn.
Row 3: K6. Turn.
Row 5: K5. Turn.
Row 7: K4. Turn.
Row 9: K5. Turn.
Row 11: K6. Turn.
Row 13: K7. Turn.
Row 15: BO 8.
Weave in ends and sew to the Bee’s back.

Cord – knit flat on 2 dpns (make 1)
Pick up and knit 3 stitches in the center of the Bees back.
Knit I-cord until cord measures approx 40 inches, BO. Make a finger sized loop at the end of the I-cord and use the tail of the yarn to stitch the loop shut, weave in any ends.

Bumble cat toyTadaaaaaaaa!
It’s time to taunt the cat 🙂

30 thoughts on “Bumble Cat Toy”

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  3. I dont have a cat but would like to make some cat jumpers for xmas gifts, could you give me a pattern with the required no of stitches for a average size cat—as you say they have give & stretch, Thanks.


  4. LMAO!!!
    I love the description of the cat loving sweaters as much as sarcasm, is so true. I make sweaters for my little dogs and sometimes they get tried on a passing cat if the dogs aren’t about, always make that work so much more enjoyable when you’ve wrestled with the cat for awhile. My cats don’t need the sweaters but i work with cats at the humane shelter here and injured/mistreated cats do sometimes need something to keep them warmer, especially in the winter months.
    As for the stuffing on the bumble toys, they are similar to ones i make for cats at the shelter and i stuff them with grocery store plastic begs so that they can be washed and germ free as they get shared round the cats there. Plus its a good way of recycling plastic bags. :o)


  5. Hi Christine
    I’ve just found and knitted your wonderful bumble bee for my adopted 5yr Birman. She absolutely loves it and is a joy to watch as she chases it around the house.
    Could send a photo of cat and bee but unsure how I do this.
    Regards Elaine
    Snells Beach New Zealand


  6. I loved your comments about how cats love sweaters – you are obviously a cat person. Great job on the patterns. I can’t wait to delight (not) my grandkitties with gifts!


  7. Christine, your sweater for a cat pattern is one of the most well written I have seen in a very long time. There is NO reason it could not be used for a dog or a hamster or little lamb or goat or any other animal who gets cold. I have a short-haired dog, a Mountain Fiest, and here in Michigan it gets PLENTY cold and yes, he NEEDS his coat to go outside and sometimes, even needs a sweater in the house to stay toasty. I WILL be adapting this for my boy, and thank you.

    That bubmlebee pattern is one of the cutest I have seen for cats in a very long time, and I’ve made and sold cat toys at CFA-sanctioned Cat Shows for years and have seen a heck of a lot of toys. Now I’m wondering about adapting other little bug and insect toys (there are quite a few online) to put cords on them for toys, too. Wotta hoot! Thank you for this pattern. My Sweetheart’s cat, Reeces, will enjoy it soon.

    Warm hugs and woofs,

    Maggie & MacTaggart
    in cold and miserable Michigan
    by the way — Happy Christmas!


  8. I can’t wait to make this for our year old tabby cat, Annie (Little Orphan Annie). A friend’s daughter found her at about six weeks of age starving and about to get hit by a car. I’ll add the bumble bee to her toy basket. Thanks for the pattern.


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  10. These are all so cute!! There are way beyond my abilities right now though 😦 This winter I might try to get some help & knit the sweaters up for my 2 4 legged kids lol, here in NH they get so cold in the winter!


  11. This was the very first thing I have ever knitted, it turned out really well and I was very content with it. I gave it to my cat, he was very happy with it as well, but instead of playing nicely, he got onto a destroying spree and started tearing it apart, and he enjoyed it. Guess I wont have a problem with infinite practice material just piling up…


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